We grow microbes


“ The 21st century has been called the century of biology. With specialised and broad knowledge, access to breakthrough technology, a new way of thinking, and the ability to connect the right solutions to the right problems, we can use biology to solve our biggest challenges. “

What we do

Bioomix develops microbial solutions for farmers. Our products are able to replace agrochemicals and synthetic fertilizer, but at the same time maintain crop production levels. We combine cutting edge techniques, such as bioinformatics, sequencing, 3D printing, image analysis, biomaterials, satellite and drone technology, to discover beneficial microorganisms, and turn them into our products.



Our vision is a circular and sustainable plant production system that benefits the farmer, the consumer, our society, the planet, and wildlife.


We develop organic and sustainable microbial products for global challenges, and help end-users achieve economic and environmental sustainability.




About our products

Contain naturally occurring microorganisms that are grown on organic plant-based waste feedstock.

Non-GMO, and suitable for organic applications.

Thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy using standard scientific methods.