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“ Balancing food production with human and planetary health is one of our biggest challenges. The increasing human population and wealth is fuelling rising food and energy demands. We will need to address this in the nearest future, by changing our diet and finding more effective ways to produce food.“

By 2050

…we will reach 10 billion people

…the farmland area will decrease by 25% per capita

…our food demand will increase with 50%

Challenges in
food production

Food production is constantly challenged by climate change, extreme weather, the lack of fertiliser, the evolution of new plant diseases, and by human conflict. Recent increases in the fertiliser and fuel prices, as well as global heatwaves and drought, have challenged the livelihoods of farmers, and resulted in higher food prices for the consumers. Food security is essential, therefore, food production must become more resilient and effective to prevent and make up for losses. In the near future, we will have to address the way our food is produced. Our food production system is a major driver of climate change, biodiversity loss, water pollution, air pollution, and the evolution of resistant infections and other human diseases. We know, that these problems are difficult to solve, while making agriculture more productive.

million tons

used in agriculture in 2021

million tons

Synthetic fertilizer
used in agriculture in 2021


Global climate gas emissions 
due to food production

A passion for

Achieving both food productivity and sustainability is critical, and this is the aim that drives Bioomix’ efforts within agriculture. We believe, that it is necessary for agriculture to become more sustainable by reducing the use of synthetic fertiliser and pesticides. However, effective and sustainable alternatives should be in place to retain high productivity. We strive to make new, effective, and innovative products, that can contribute to a circular, sustainable, carbon-negative, regenerative, economically viable, and dependable bioeconomy, that yields the plant products we need, while improving human and planetary health.

We collaborate with farmers

We work closely with farmers to ensure, that our solutions are realistic and can be implemented on farms and in greenhouses. Our products must promote effective, sustainable farming, and benefit the farmers economically. Only by close collaboration with the farmers, will we be able to enact meaningful changes, in terms of making agriculture sustainable.