We grow microbes

For a cleaner environment

“To minimize the negative impact, we have on our environment, our society must become more circular. We will achieve this goal, if we can extract resources from our wastes instead of from our environment. “

Recycling resources

62M tons potassium and 270M tons phosphate is mined each year, primarily in China, Russia and Belarus. Phosphate present in EU wastewaters is a valuable circular resource, however, 79% of the phosphate is currently not recycled.

Extracting resources from waste

The harvesting of crops removes carbon and nutrients from the agricultural soil, leaving the earth less fertile and prone to erosion and desertification. The nutrients are currently replenished with mineral fertilizer, which is extracted from precious ecosystems, and transported across the globe at a high environmental cost. It is also a large expense for the agricultural sector. The nutrients, present in the crops we harvest from the fields, ultimately end up in our wastewater, air emissions, and garbage, where they pollute the environment and cause eutrophication.

Recycling and mobilisation of nutrients

Bioomix is actively working on the discovery of microorganisms, that can extract nutrients and carbon from waste. Our goal is to increase the value that waste reuse offers to both waste handlers and farmers and thus increase the economic feasibility and efficiency of waste recycling. Our effort in this area will promote a circular plant production system through efficient recycling and mobilisation of waste nutrients.