Our technology

Efficient discovery of beneficial microbes

“Bioomix has developed a unique and efficient technology for discovering new, beneficial microorganisms from nature. The microbeTRAP is based on a synthetic ecology approach, where small microbial habitats select for, and promote, the growth of specific microorganisms.”

Discovering the right microbes

The key to unlocking the potential of biology and solving our global challenges is to be able to find the right microorganisms for our problems.

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The captured microorganisms are isolated and characterized using culture-based methods. They are whole genome sequenced for identification, genetic characterisation, and safety evaluation. Once microorganisms are identified as active, novel and safe, we perform an array of competitive analysis, where we test their performance with benchmarking, ensuring that only high-performing microorganisms are progressed to field testing.


We grow our microbes on feedstock, that is made from plant-based waste products, and we have designed our production process to minimize energy and resource consumption. All products are manufactured as pure cultures using state-of-the-art bioreactors and undergo quality control at several stages. We also have in-house filtration and drying systems available, and can deliver dehydrated powders and pellets.

Testing & Safety

Our product development is strongly data driven, and we use a variety of testing methods. Microorganisms intended for use on plants are tested in our germination cabinets, grow chambers, and on fields in different settings. All studies are performed scientifically with control groups, replicates, and statistical evaluation of the results, to make sure our products work and provide value. We use third party validations, benchmarking against similar products, and perform thorough safety testing before product release.

Quality control

Sequencing is a core tool at Bioomix. We have our own sequencing and data analysis facilities and experts, that map the genetics of the microorganisms we capture, determine species, and test for the presence of virulence and resistance genes. Sequencing is supported by culture-based quality controls, ensuring the purity of our products.

Know what is in the product

We believe the users should know what is in the product they are using. At Bioomix, we make sure that all product ingredients are indicated on the product labels. You are welcome to contact us, if you want to know more.