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“Here at Bioomix, the trust in the employees is paramount and staff care is a high priority. It provides a fantastic working environment, and I always look forward to coming to work. The science we are working with, will hopefully revolutionize the way we are cultivating crops to improve our environment.” 

Signe Schultz

A dream job

“Working at Bioomix is absolutely my dream job! I work in a most exciting field of research; working on better solutions for efficient and sustainable food production. That said, the best part is to be around talented and positive colleagues. This is indeed a rewarding and motivating environment.”

Cecilie Toft Vangsøe

Working at Bioomix

At Bioomix, we want to promote a good life balance, therefore we have relatively flexible work hours. A typical workday starts between 8 and 9 am and lasts until approximately 3 pm. It is short and productive. Our office is semi-open to facilitate collaboration and personal connections, but everyone has their own private space. Our tasks are very diverse. We cover broad science, engineering and different business areas as sole experts. This brings a lot of individual responsibility, and sometimes requires you to leave your comfort zone. However, it is a great opportunity to learn new things every day and influence decisions. Our team spirit is high, and it pushes us forward at an amazing speed.

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