Our story

A passion for change

“We are bringing together the biologist and the farmer, the microbiologist and the materials scientist, the environmental activist and the food producer. Only by communicating, understanding, and respecting each other’s concerns, will we succeed in the green transition.”

We are different

…We build bridges

…We are rooted in data and science

…We move fast

A future with microbiology

We believe that microorganisms hold the potential to solve many of our society’s greatest problems. By combining new technological breakthroughs, a deeper understanding of biology and cross-disciplinary collaboration between scientists, engineers, activists, and farmers, that have rarely communicated in the past, we can succeed in developing a new generation of natural, effective, and safe microbial products for agriculture, food, environment and health.

Our story

We all want our kids to grow up in a world where healthy food, air and water is plentiful, ecosystems thrive, and climate change is limited. It is a very ambitious goal, but our passion for change was the reason, we started Bioomix. We want to change our food sector to make it more productive and, at the same time, more sustainable. We believe this can be done by using cutting edge technology to develop more effective biological products.

Bioomix was founded in 2021 based on research from SDU and UWA, that showed how 3D bioprinting, developed for biomedicine, could be repurposed successfully for environmental biology.

Our company received its first investment from the BioInnovation Institute in September 2021, and since then, with help from investors, business angels and Danish funds, we have grown at lightning speed. We have our own 1200m2 research, production and test facility in Odense, where we aim to fulfil the ambitious goals we set out, when we started the company. We will make green transition in the agricultural sector happen!

Our labs

Bioomix has its own research, testing, quality control, and production laboratories in Odense.

Our in-house facilities ensure that we can perform research, grow microorganisms at a large scale, perform quality control, and test our products on seeds and plants. It is important for us, that we have easy access to cutting edge technologies, however, we also outsource some of our testing for third-party validation.