We grow microbes

For food

“Food production requires enormous resources in form of land, fertilizer, and fuels. Reducing food waste is therefore one of the most effective ways we can limit environmental pollution, forest clearing, and climate change. ​”

931 million tons

Food wasted each year


Greenhouse gas emissions associated
with unconsumed food

Limiting food spoilage

A key cause of food waste is spoilage, both in the distribution chain and at the end consumer. It is caused by microorganisms breaking down the food. The primary means of food preservation is, therefore, limiting microbial growth with cooling, packaging and chemical food preservatives. These solutions rely on a high energy consumption, as well as extensive use of plastics and synthetic chemicals.

for food

Bioomix is working actively on discovering and developing natural, effective and safe microorganisms, that can alter the food microbiome to reduce spoilage. We hope, that our biological solutions can one day replace chemical preservatives and make our food healthier while reducing food waste.